Two of the most popular activities in the Parkland, for visitors as well as for locals, are fishing and canoeing. But the Parkland offers much more; depending on the season you may swim, bike, golf, cross-country ski, or just discover and admire the beauty of nature on one of the countless trails.

To add even more adventure to your holiday, you may find pleasure in canoeing on isolated lakes and winding rivers or, take part in North America's popular outdoor game: Geocaching.


From light turquoise to dark blue, you will find many colours in Canada's lakes. Standing on the shores of Manitoba's vast lakes you will have the feeling of being at the sea.

Would you like to spent a day on the beach?

The most beautiful lakes


Deep and clear lakes – fast flowing rivers – countless species of fish – this all together makes for an unforgettable fishing adventure in the Parkland.

Non-residents may easily purchase an inexpensive fishing license!

The best lakes for fishing


The Parkland is, with its rolling countryside, its fertile soil, and its abundance of trees, a paradise for golfers. No matter what your handicap, there are certainly plenty of challenges waiting for you during a tour through the golf courses of the Parkland. In either case you will experience the wonders of nature at your side.

Golf courses around the Parkland Ranch


You may enjoy canoeing and kayaking throughout the year until the freezing of the lakes. Spring is the favourable time to experience fast flowing streams on one of Parkland's innumerable rivers.

Lakes with canoe & kayak rentals


Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to spend hours or even an entire day? The answer is geocaching. This international amusement which is becoming more and more popular is described best as a highly engineered treasure hunt. Equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System), which leads to certain places, you and your family may discover hidden treasures.

German Geocaching Website
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Ice fishing

The fishermen of Canada do not hibernate! Far from it! Winter is one of the best times to fish and, as soon as the ice is thick enough, Canada's lakes become spotted frozen surfaces and thousands of fishermen are dipping their fishing line into the ice cold water.

A lot of ice fishers bring along a little wood-stove, to prepare and consume their fish immediately. It is known that these fish are the most delicious because of the cold water.


The Asessippi Ski Area & Winter Park, which is located deep in the Shell River Valley near Inglis, offers 25 downhill runs for skiing and snowboarding. There are 3 chair lifts, 4 drag lifts and 3 snowtubing runs.

For cross country skiing there are marvelous tracks through the snow-covered nature.

With its charming "Winter Village", the resort finished first in the year 2000 for “Canada's best new attraction”.

Asessippi Ski Area & Winter Park