The Gentle Way

Do you want your horse to be trained in the Gentle Way as well as develop a reliable partnership with your horse and an amazing level of understanding?

At Parkland Ranch we train according to the language of horses and approach them with understanding and a positive, faithful dominance. With patience, time and the right language, we can encourage the horse to do what we want it to do. You are welcome to visit your horse at our ranch to see its progress at any time. We would be happy if you would allow enough time to join us for a trail ride on your horse before you take it home.

Leading Trainer, Judith Graile, draws from her education under Monty Roberts and Jean-Francois Pignon combined with mental integrity techniques developed during her career as a professional skydiver to deliver a gentle training experience that is distinctly her own. Her most important experience has been her work with wild horses at Monty Robert’s “Flag Is Up Farms” in California.

When she isn't training horses, Judith is training apprentices and horse owners to apply her techniques to improve communication or even to become horses trainers of their own. Judith and the Parkland Ranch Team are also active horse rescuers (and the occasional dog) with fully half of the herd populated by rescue horses.

If you have any question, feel free to give us a call. 1-204-564-2285