The Objective of the Courses

We would like to understand our horses and learn the importance
of trust and dominance.
"Think like a horse and you will understand!"
Frequently there are avoidable misapprehensions between humans and horses. When working with a horse you should look for the fault in yourself, and not in the horse. Sometimes horses show behaviors which we do not comprehend and therefore, may think that the animal is deceiving us. Such a mindset is not given to the horse – horses cannot lie! We may learn this by learning the language of the horse. "Our goal is to help humans and horses to get along better."

The Method

To communicate with horses, to understand them correctly and to be understood by them, is the dream of plenty of horse-lovers. To talk to horses is not magic. The premises are substantiated knowledge about the horses psyche and instincts as well as proficiency in their language. The horses' language is silent – it is a body language.
The most important thing is your own mental state. You need clearness, positive attitude, inner peace and leading power. That is why you will learn a lot about yourself as well - the horses will teach you!

"I teach you the system that I believe in because I know it works - I also know that it needs your full devotion!" Judith on 'the gentle way'.
"We solve problems in a gentle way."
If you know the cause, you may be able to change something and eliminate the problem. If you know the instincts and behavioral pattern of the horse, you may take advantage of this knowledge to encourage certain actions of the horse - without any cruelty! Most problems arise from the fear of the horse because horses are born with a natural fear. We may only respond to this fear with comprehension and a positive, faithful dominance. It is a wonderful feeling to perceive the horse's trust. With patience, calmness and the right language, we may encourage the horse to do want we want it to do.

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