Where Nature becomes Adventure

Unforgettable Manitoba, that's how the province in the heart of Canada is denoted. A term which absolutely keeps its promise. Manitoba is unforgettable in many aspects. Let yourself be amazed and enchanted.

The "Highlights"

Aurora borealis – a melodic name for a natural spectacle of a very special kind: polar lights or northern lights are the optical dot on the "i" of a vacation in Canada. In northern Manitoba the fascinating celestial phenomenon is not infrequent; and at Parkland Ranch, which is located in the southern part, the biggest light show of the world bewitches the nightly sky every now and then. An unforgettable experience that should not be missed!


Canada has a surface area of 9,984,670 square kilometers, the second largest land mass in the world and is almost as large as Europe. The country occupies approximately half of North America. The only independent neighbour is the United States of America in the south. Another neighbour is Greenland whose territory however, belongs to Denmark.

The total of 9,984,670 km² consists of 9,093,507 km² land mass and 891.163 km² expanse of water.

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